Optimize Image Automatically On The Fly In Laravel

by pure luck i stumbled upon a package call laravel-image-optimizer and a quick look to the usage it seems very easy to use

public function store(Request $request, ImageOptimizer $imageOptimizer)
  $picture = $request->file('picture');

  // optimize

  // save
  Storage::put('/my/cool/path/test.jpg', File::get($picture));

but i thought why not instead of writing that one liner, we use a middleware to automate the images optimization & so your workflow remain the same and you get a 20%-70% smaller images.

so i made the PR and it was accepted HORRAAAY. 👏💪💃

# How to Use the Package ?

1- install the package
2- register the service provider
3- install the optimization libraries
4- add the middleware ‘AutoImageOptimizer’ to the route you want, or just add it to the web $middlewareGroups under App\Http\Kernel.php

protected $middlewareGroups = [
  'web' => [
    // ...


as the middleware only intercepts the methods which are not GET & then check if there are any files in the request b4 do anything, imho its safe to keep it in there.


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