Stream On-The-Go (SOTG) Concept Documentation.

SOTG Connect


Stream anything from Your Pc To Your Tv, no cables, no configuration, no going through every I/O of your expensive Tv to find your streamed file, Works even if you have an old Tv.

# Pros
light, mobile, need no charging, anyone can operate it even a 7 years old can use it, have lots to offer.


2 USB (1 for Pc & 1 for Tv);
   - Tv USB (receiver) : a light will flash as an indicator for establishing connection with the (Pc/Phone) once you're connected, it stops.
   - Pc USB (transmitter) : So you can Enjoy All you please on the big screen, worries-free.
  • The devices connect through a 802.11ac or better chip so you can have a better, faster, no lag watching experience.
  • Every package have a transmitter & receiver and they only connect to each other (you can’t have another or a different receiver for the same transmitter)
  • When you finish using them, you can slide both back into each other so you would never lose any.

THE Application

- Connect : To establish a connection with the Tv.
- DisConnect : To stop the streaming process.
- Pc & Tv : to have sound on both Pc & Tv.
- Tv-Only : to have the sound on Tv only so you can use the Pc speakers for something else (like to play games or watch another video)
* think of it as a DJ mixer, where you have a one song playing on the speakers & another playing on the headset.

# Tv USB (Receiver)
1- needs no configuration, once its connected it will activate the Pc screen on channel #0, it will work as a mirror channel so even if you have a pre-programmed channel on #0 you still can watch it once you disconnect or unplug the USB.

  • you can chose to use channel (#0 only) or (#0 + current) which allows you to stream whatever on your (Pc/Phone) to the current channel when you plug your Tv USB (Receiver) (in-case you cant find the remote-control O_o), note that once the Tv is turned off the USB will go back to #0 only.

2- you can change the channel while the (receiver USB ) is plugged in.

3- needs no charging as it works like a normal USB, so as long as its connected it will be working & once you unplug it, it stops.

# Pc USB (Transmitter)
1- when you connect it, it will open a setup window automatically so you can install the application on your machine. (Windows/Mac/Linux)

2- once its installed, press the connect button & plug the Tv USB into your Tv.

3- once you see your Pc desktop on the Tv, you can have almost anything streamed to your Tv by simply dragging ‘n dropping any (game, application, video) file to the tool window and it will automatically be streamed full screen on your Tv.

1- For old Tv’s (the Pre-USB Era), there will be a an adaptor that have the 3 colored jacks (red,yellow,white) from one side and a USB from the other side so you can connect the receiver like you would with the new Tv’s.

2- a mobile application so you can transmit all you please directly to the Tv without the need of a Pc.

  • You’ll need to activate the Tv USB (receiver) on that device by entering the activation code that came with your package. (you cant use the same serial for different receivers, every serial is hard coded into the transmitter & receiver)

  • once entered, press connect on your phone and plug the Tv USB (receiver) to the Tv.

3- a package of 2 receivers & 1 transmitter will be a available to be purchased.

  • in case you have 2 Tvs and you want to play 2 different programs on them.

  • A slightly different application will be distributed to allow such an option.

4- the Pc USB (transmitter) will have some storage so you don’t need to carry too many USB devices for the same thing.

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