Mac Junk Delete (for Windows).

i use both Mac & Windows and most of the time i just want to set the pc on fire because every time i use OSX i find those idiotic (dot) files all over the HDD & after countless hours of searching for an app that do this very simple task, most of what i found require dragging the folder that contains this files to the app to be cleaned,

but i have thousands of folders + i don’t know which one have the .DS_Store and who doesn’t, so after endless frustration i decided i would do it my self,

this batch single mission is to delete all the .TemporaryItems / .Trashes / .fseventsd / .DS_Store files from your HDD drivers. (i wanted to make something that automatically detect your HDD drivers on its own then delete all the files but i couldn’t find a cmnd that do that).

Usage & Requirement

- download the batch then drag it over a textedit (preferably on windows) ,change the driver letters to your HDD drivers ,save and run it.

  • it will search the entire driver for this files and delete them ,if the batch couldn’t find any of the files it will display the msg (The system cannot find the file specified.)

Download & install

you can get the Batch from Here


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