Wacom Orientation Macros (for Mac).

I finally got my hand on a Wacom Intuos Pro & aside from me going absolutely nuts on learning how to use this thing as a piece of paper rather than a big flat mouse/mice and also aside from the shitty drivers Wacom make,

there is one thing that easily drives me insane every time i use the table which is “The Orientation”, every time i need to rotate the tablet i have to go to the (system preference > Wacom tablet > Grip Pen > Mapping > change the orientation)

Why Wacom didn’t just make something like that built into lets says (the Touch Ring) this is just beyond me, so after going crazy for 3 full weeks i decided that this shenanigans have to stop and as a fix i made this macros which change the rotation/orientation on the fly with only one keystroke or 2.

Usage & Requirement

Get your self a copy of KeyboardMaestro (not the best but its the easiest to understand)
alt/option + keypad1 for top
alt/option + keypad2 for left
alt/option + keypad3 for right
alt/option + keypad4 for bottom

Download & install

  • Grab the Macro Library from Here

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